Interior Design

Hello, dear friend!
I am an interior designer and founder of Lanova Design specializing in commercial and residential interior design projects in Munich and Bavaria.
I graduated from the International Design School in 2020 and keep continuously building my expertise and sharpening my skills by attending international design fairs, courses and workshops.
My previous professional education in Business Administration (B.A.) and Intercultural Humanities (M.A.) as well as work experience in the IT industry provided me with knowledge to navigate business processes and find a common language with people from all over the world.
In my work I focus on creating an aesthetic and functional interior, which reflects client`s personality and lifestyle. Each project is developed with great dedication and attention to details.
In close collaboration with the client, I design a place with a unique character and atmosphere. It can be a tranquil place where you rest your mind, renew your body and heal your soul. Or it can be a place full of energy that stimulates your mind, trains your body and lifts up your soul.
Either way, I will help you stay faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.
I am very much looking forward to working with you!
Tatsiana Fralova